Industries Served


Our staff has extensive experience in steelmaking.

Our services and products are engineered to incorporate state of the art technology that provides superior performance, extended in-service life and ease of maintenance.

We provide engineering services to support scheduled and emergency repair and maintenance including detailed site inspections. We help to ensure the repairs are executed with maximization of pre-assembly and planning to minimize construction costs and operational downtime.


As process, controls, and mechanical engineering specialists, we have substantial experience in the food production industry.

Our team of engineers has provided solutions for clients all over the world. We have extensive experience with process design and engineering to support our clients’ proprietary food processing methods. In addition, we have provided controls installation and programming, mechanical engineering, personnel training, and project management services for a wide range of projects and clients.


CIM-Tech has performed several projects for municipalities over our 15 year history.

CIM-Tech has worked on utility projects, studies, structures, other codeissues and waste water, to name a few.

While municipality work has not been as prevalent as our industrial sector work, nonetheless, we are very capable of meeting and completing and servicing the cities needs as they arise.


If your company requires consultation or would benefit from a more active approach to industrial engineering, we can help. We have extensive experience in project management, operations, and productivity management.

No matter what engineering services you choose to take advantage of, we strive to create a tailored solution for you.

We tailor our services to fit your company’s requirements, making a perfect partnership that helps save you money.


Many of our designers and engineers have over 25 years of experience.

You can trust us to understand your standards and systems. We’ll work alongside your own team, as a true partner, to help you assess and upgrade equipment and facilities, as well as strengthen and improve operations.

Our Clients

Honesty, Humility & Hard-work

We pride ourselves in technical expertise, practical knowledge and a commitment to working in the best interest of our customers.