About Us

CIM-Tech was formed in May of 2006, and combines more than 450 years of engineering and design experience. With a strong commitment to providing quality engineering and design solutions to its diverse clientele, CIM-Tech is building professional long term relationships, and has gained many repeat customers through unparalleled work ethics and results.

The CIM-Tech corporate office is located in Valparaiso, Indiana, also known as the “Smart City” due to the region’s hotbed of cutting edge and leading technology businesses that call it home. Much of the work performed by CIM-Tech is for customers based in the Mid-Western United States although our experts regularly perform projects internationally as well.

The history and significance behind the CIM-Tech logo reflects the very start of the company itself. The droplets indicate a profound and strong background in process engineering. The blue droplet represents a focus on water management, and the red droplet identifies our strength in high temperature design. A strong background in mechanical design is then signified by the gear.

700+ years of combined experience to give you better results.

Let us help you make your next project a success.